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  • Our Buy Back policy ensures you have no risk investing in inventory.

  • With the first order of Sure Seal Bundled Kiln Dried Firewood, you will be provided everything you need to start selling right away.

    • Lawn signs for advertising

    • Laminated price signs

    • Custom display rack 

  • Delivery is always free six days a week (Monday-Saturday). No fuel charge.

  • Product can be ordered by bundle or by pallet (60 units)

  • Quantity discounts


  • Each bag contains 100% natural, kiln-dried, Northeastern hardwood. 

  • Non-endangered species and logs are cut and split into convenient 17" lengths for easy handling

  • Industry leading bag contains .80 cubic feet of product in a clean, durable mesh bag with a custom handle for easy carrying.

  • Bags stack easily to keep your storage area organized. UPC coded for easy inventory tracking.


  • Available in a variety of sizes:

    • 1/4 cord

    • 1/2 cord

    • Full cord

  • All Northeastern hardwoods

  • NOW OFFERING SECONDS: 'Seconds' is kiln dried firewood that are irregular sizes. It doesn't pass for the bagged firewood that we sell to stores. Seconds are offered half off original cost


What is Kiln Drying?

Kiln drying is the process of removing the moisture content from wood. Wood that is already cut and split is placed inside the kiln, which is like a very large oven. During the next 24-48 hours, the moisture is evenly and thoroughly removed from the wood.


Since the moisture is more thoroughly and evenly removed from kiln dried wood, it burns cleaner, which means it produces less creosote. Creosote build-up is the number one cause of chimney fires. When wood is not properly dried, more of the wood’s energy is used to burn off the excess moisture. Kiln dried wood does not have excess moisture to burn off, so it produces a much higher BTU, which means it burns hotter. Kiln dried wood also burns longer, produces less ash, and is bug-free.

Split Firewood

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