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We offer multiple paving services. Check them out below.



There are many factors to getting a long lasting, quality result when paving a driveway.  At Sureseal LLC we prepare the site by setting up a string line to ensure a straight edge.  The driveway is then milled to profile and make room for the new asphalt.  Badly broken up areas are removed and replaced, and low-lying areas are filled with leveling course.  Tac coat is applied to ensure proper bonding of the asphalt to the surface of the driveway.  New asphalt is applied with a self-propelled, state approved paving machine.  Asphalt is then properly compacted with vibration rollers and compacters.  At Sureseal LLC we use only the highest quality, commercial grade asphalt from select quarries.


As always, first we set up string lines for edge definition. Then we add/re-grade existing stone as needed, or, if we are starting from scratch, we install approximately eight inches of crushed stone depending on how soft the sub-base is. We supply, install, and compact stone as necessary to create correct pitch and grade, then install two inches of base hot mix asphalt on all the stone. Finally, after the base is fully compacted, we install and compact two inches of ID2 commercial hot mix asphalt.

New Driveway Installation

Using an excavator, we will perform a controlled dig to remove and dispose of the soil for the marked-out extension. The next step is to install and compact eight inches of crushed stone in the extended area in two-inch lifts. Once the stone is fully compacted, we install two inches of base hot mix asphalt on top of the stone. After the base is compacted the last step is to install two inches of ID2 commercial hot mix asphalt and compact it.


This is the space to introduce the Services section. Briefly describe the types of services offered and highlight any special benefits or features.

Asphalt Repair

This process involves specialized equipment that re-heats the asphalt without scorching or causing further damage to allow the asphalt to become workable. Once re-heated a rejuvenator is introduced and the asphalt is reworked and compacted as necessary to form a seamless repair.

Infrared Repair

Paving Services

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