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Reasons to Sealcoat

Our crew will prepare the job site by edging your driveway, power cleaning (blowing) and scarifying the surface. We then repair cracks or joints with rubberized acrylic sealant (except hairline cracks and alligatoring), and seal coat the site using only the highest-grade commercial products available, and then add a 3% latex additive to increase durability, help prevent tire tracking and give that desired deep black color to your driveway. All materials are hand applied which gives a thicker coat, rather than a sprayed application.

How It Works

Prevents gas, oil, and salt damage

Water based sealants protect against the highly damaging effects of gas, oil, and road salt.

Adds life

Properly sealing asphalt gives protection that more than doubles pavement life.

Prevents sun-induced oxidation

The sun dries out the tar and oils in asphalt surfaces causing raveling (loose stones), erosion and premature failure.

Easier to clean

A sealed asphalt surface makes sweeping, snow removal, and general cleaning quick and easy.

Prevents moisture intrusion

The accumulation of moisture in asphalt is the greatest cause of failure.  Sealing asphalt prevents water seepage into the porous pavement structure.

Color Sealcoating

We offer Color Sealcoating! May it be for your basketball court or your whole driveway, we have done it all. Color Sealcoating offers the same protection from harsh whether elements that our normal commercial-grade rubberized sealer does.

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