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Transforming asphalt with unmatched expertise since 1986, SureSeal is your trusted partner for top-quality service, recognized nationally for excellence in seal coating, paving and customer service.

Paving Excellence Since 1986


Comprehensive residential and commercial sealing services with a meticulous six-step process:

  1. Edging your driveway or parking lot to ensure we seal 100% of the asphalt

  2. Power cleaning and scarifying the surface to be sealed

  3. Repairing cracks and joints with rubberized acrylic sealant (except hairlines and alligatoring)

  4. Priming petroleum damage with an oil spot primer which allows our sealant to adhere to the asphalt

  5. Hand applying commercial grade rubberized sealer with a squeegee/brush 

  6. Blocking off driveway with fluorescent tape


We offer multiple paving services.

  • Resurfaces - Includes a new two inch over lay on a prepared milled surface

  • New Driveway Installations - Turn your stone driveway into a newly paved surface

  • Extensions -  Let us enlarge your driveway for additional parking spaces and a larger play area for your kids

  • Asphalt Repairs - Addressing alligatored areas, depressions, and sink holes

  • Infrared Repairs - Paving imperfections, power steering marks, and indents from heavy objects


Customized line striping to accommodate all of your needs.

From striping your home, pickleball court, basketball court, or tennis court to striping complete parking lots, we will turn your empty space into a masterpiece.

Line Striping

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Trucking and Installations

Services Include: Stone, Mulch, Top Soil, Firewood, Sand, Local Snow Plowing, Shed Pads, Excavation, Trenching, Curb Stops, Drains / Pipes, Basketball Poles

Sureseal Kiln Dried Firewood

100% natural northeastern kiln dried hardwood. Our hardwood comes only from non-endangered species. Logs are cut into 17" lengths and split into easy to handle sizes. KNOW MORE.

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About Us

SureSeal is a full service paving and sealcoating company.  Founded in 1986, we are a locally-owned and operated company that encompasses all facets of asphalt work. 

We are proud of the reputation we have earned by providing professional and reliable service at a fair price.

Founded in 1986, SureSeal staff engages in continuous education through many pavement seminars and asphalt maintenance schools, ensuring you receive the highest quality workmanship. Our goal is to ensure the process is easy for you and the results are beyond your expectations. 


Consistently named one of the top 100 seal coating contractors in the United States by Pavement Magazine, SureSeal uses only the highest quality equipment, material and properly trained employees to fully service all of your needs.


Our customers are the #1 driving force of our business. We have serviced over 75,000 satisfied clients since 1986. Our customers are our best sales and marketing program. Read what they are saying below.



We would like to acknowledge the excellent job your workers did putting in a new driveway at our residence. we would highly recommend your company to all of our friends and neighbors.

- Ray & Stephanie, PA


I must say I am very pleased with your professional, punctual service. I
have already recommended your services. Keep up the good work.

- Howard, Cheltenham PA


Sureseal's crew was courteous and hard working and took pride in their work and the results show that. Everything was done in a timely and professional basis.

- Jim, North Wales PA


I would like to express my complete satisfaction of the resurfacing of our 300 foot plus winding driveway! The employee's of your company (especially Sig) were courteous and hardworking! This resurfacing was the fourth time in 46 years and by a wide margin, the Best!

Thanks again and I'm looking forward for the sealing of our parking area next month!

- Mike & Kim, Horsham PA


I have been a customer of Sure Seal for 21 years – with good reason. They have been extremely reliable, fairly priced & with excellent quality work. I have recommended Sure Seal & some of my friends have employed them.

- Eugene, New Hope PA


Thank you for a job well done and compliments to your crew; my wife mentioned how professional everyone was. I will be glad to refer your company for your services.

- Bill & Janice, Richboro PA

  • Why should I sealcoat my driveway?
    Doubles the life of your driveway Prevents gas, oil and salt damage Prevents sun-induced oxidation: The sun dries out the tar and oil in the asphalt causing raveling (loose stones), erosion and premature failure Prevents moisture intrusion: The accumulation of moisture is the #1 cause of failure Easier to clean: Sweeping, snow removal and general cleaning is quick and easy
  • What areas do you service?
    Southeastern PA and New Jersey.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Yes, financing is available for residential projects ranging from $1,000 to $250,000.
  • Do you provide free estimates?
    Yes, all estimates are free. Each driveway is evaluated with our signature 26-point evaluation.
  • Do I need to be home when the estimate is done?
    No, it is not necessary to be home. We will leave the free estimate for your review. Our estimator will follow up with a detailed telephone/email explanation.
  • How often should my driveway be sealcoated?
    Asphalt driveways should be sealed at least every 2-3 years for proper maintenance.
  • What type of sealcoating material do you use?
    We use a water-based, commercial grade rubberized asphalt sealant with moisture guard.
  • When is the best time to sealcoat my driveway?
    For best results, we recommend daytime temperatures of 50 degrees and rising, with no freezing temperatures at night.
  • How do you apply the sealer?
    Every client receives a custom application, tailored to meet their driveway's specific needs. Our most common application is a hand-applied squeegee or brush method.
  • Are your company signs picked up?
    No. Our signs are disposable, recyclable and reusable.
  • How long should I stay off my driveway once it has been sealed?
    A minimum of 24-48 hours is recommended before you drive on a freshly sealcoated driveway.

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